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"Pull Up a Pew"... with Simon Dumas

Simon Dumas Frontiers. Gibraltar Catholic Youth.

In the first instalment of our 'Pull up a pew' series, we caught up with none other than Frontiers front-man, Simon Dumas.

A student at the Royal Northern College of Music, Simon is currently based in Manchester and spoke about how his faith really keeps him going when he's away from his family.

Given that Simon eats, sleeps and breathes music, we couldn't help but get stuck in to the songs that shape his prayer and praise...

Do you find praise and worship music helpful to your prayer life?

Totally! Sometimes I need to turn off the music to make sure i’m still in tune with God without it because naturally I hit shuffle on the praise and worship playlist when I’m praying. The songs can be very emotional, very relatable so it definitely helps my prayer life. Being a singer/ songwriter, how influential is your prayer life/praise music when you write a song?

My three essentials when composing: My guitar/piano, my song-book/lyric-book, and the Bible. Particularly when I’m in prayer and these three things are in the room It’s a recipe for praise and I draw inspiration from the Psalms and different stories from the Gospels to bring together the lyrics. What was your favourite hymn from your time back at school?

Shout to the Lord! (What a tune!) What is your go-to "pick me up" song?

I used to turn to 'Who Am I' by Casting Crowns. It’s still an amazing song, but lately my go to song would be ‘How Great’ by Corey Voss. Finally, what is your song of the Month?

Torn between 'How Great' by Corey Voss and 'Sound of Melodies' by Leeland!


You can catch all of Simon's favourite songs on our Spotify Playlist.

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